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Trigrams Associations and Attributes

(Chien Gua)

Weather: Heaven, Ice, Snow

Geographical: Northwest direction, capital, highly regarded place

Human: Man, Father, Adult, Elderly, Famous people

Human relationship: Manly and brave, decisive, active, not quiet

Body part: head, bone, lungs

Time: Autumn, lunar 9th - 10th mth.

Animal: Horse, Swan, Lion, Elephant

Non-living thing: gold, jade, metal, mirror

House: Public toilet, Attic, building

Home: divine during autumn good, summer accident, winter lonely and spring good luck

Marriage: prestigious, reputable families, divine during autumn successful, divine during winter and summer unsuccessful

Food: bony, liver and lungs, dried food

Fame: famous, law enforcement role

Plan and strategy: successful, mobility brings fortune, divine during summer not good, divine during winter will have lots of strategies

Transaction: good for gold, jade, precious jewellery. divine during summer not good

Wealth: successful. wealth from civil sector. divine during autumn big success, divine during summer lost money, winter no wealth

Travel: good for travel. NW direction. not in summer.

Meeting: good to meet important person.

Illness: relating to head, veins and bones related. divine during autumn not good

Legal case: good for engaging in law suit, noblemen assistance. divine during autumn successful, summer no case.

Burial: face NW direction. SW Chien mountain, Heaven dwelling. high grounds, divine during autumn good but during summer bad.

Direction: Northwest

Colour: Bright red, dark black

Name: someone whose name as gold meanings or chinese character with gold.

Number: one, four, nine

Taste: Hot, spicy.

(Kun Gua)
_ _
_ _
_ _

Weather: cloudy, hazy

Geographical: farm, countryside, flat grounds, SouthWest direction

Human: Mother, Step-mother, farmer, elder woman

Relationship: Stingy, weak, vile character

Body parts: belly, abdomen, flesh, stomach, gastric

Time: eighth, fifth and tenth month

Non-living item: squarish, soft, cotton wool, clay

Animal: buffalo

House: SW direction, small shops, low-rise

Home: Stable, Yin qi, divine in spring not good

Food: beef, land-animals, cereals, tuber crops

Marriage: good for marriage. family deals with property and tax, in countryside, widow's home. divine in spring not good

Birth: smooth delivery, divine in spring bad for mother.

Fame: successful. instructor or teacher. job relating to land. divine in spring not good

Transaction: good for transaction relating to land. crops.

Wealth: good. wealth deriving from land related trades.

Strategy: good. strategies arising from woman, quietness

Travel: good. SW direction. towards the countryside by land. not good in spring

Meeting: good. for meeeting rural people. meeting relatives and friends. not good to meet during spring

Illness: illness relating to stomach, gastric. stop eating. digestive problem

Legal: with reasoning. obtain support and resolve legal case

Burial: facing SW. flat ground. near to countryside.

Name: Chinese surname with Earth related character.

Number: 8, 5 and 10

Direction: SouthWest

Taste: sweet

Colour: Yellow and black

(Zhen Gua)
_ _
_ _

Weather: Thunder

Geographical: East. Wood. Busy town. forest. place where trees and grass grows well

Body Parts: Legs, Liver, Hair. sounds

Human: Eldest Son.

Relationship: proactive. anger. false alarm. more mobility less settled

Time: spring time second mth.

non-living thing: wooden things. musical instruments made of wood.

Animals: dragon, snake, insects

House: East facing house. living within the woods. attic

Home: lots of false alarm in the home. divine in spring and winter good. not good during autumn

Food: birds or chicken. animals found in the woods. fresh meat. vegetables

Marriage: ok. successful. reputable families. good for marriages relating to eldest son. not good in autumn

Wealth: wealth relating to wood and forestry. wealth from mobility.

Fame: Good. suitable for positions that commands authority and gives instructions to others. jobs relating to wood.

Birth: false alarm. foetus keeps moving and not settled. first child will be son.

Illness: Leg injuries. illness relating to liver. frightful and unsettled

Strategy: good. strategies that requires lots of movement. not good to divine during autumn

Transaction: successful. not in autumn. trades relating to wood

Legal: good for court case though there is false alarm. favour keeps changing from side to side.

Meeting: good. to meet famous and reputable people.

Travel: good. travel towards East. divine during autumn not good with false alarm'

Burial: Facing East. within the forest/woods

Name: Chinese surname with Wood related characters

Number: 4, 8, 3

Direction: East

Taste: Sweet, sour

Colour: Dark green, green

(Xun Gua)
_ _

Weather: Wind

Geographical: Southeast direction. garden, grass

Human: Eldest Daughter. elegant person. widow

Relationship: soft and gentle, unsettled. dancing. profits 3-folds. unresolved whether to move forward or backward.

Body Parts: Upper Arm. Thigh

Time: between spring and summer.

non-living things: rope, wood. straight and long things. feather. fan

Animals: Chicken. birds.

House: SE facing. High building. tower. living in the woods

Home: stable and safe. divine in spring good. autumn bad

Food: chicken. vegetables and fruits

Marriage: successful. good for eldest daughter. autumn divination not good

Birth: Good. first child daugther. divine in autumn miscarriage.

Fame: good. for female positions relating to flying and power. jobs relating to tea, fruits, wood.

Wealth: triple wealth. from the woods.

Transaction: successful.

Strategy: good.

Travel: good. towards SE.

Meeting: good. meeting with elegant woman

Illness: illness relating to upper arm and thigh. intestine illness. stroke.

Name: Chinese surname with grass or wood characters.

Legal: to settle amicably

Burial: facing SE. within woods. divine in autumn not good.

Number: 5, 3, 8

Direction: SouthEast

Taste: Sour

Colour: green, white

(Kan Gua)
_ _
_ _

Weather: Rain, snow, water

Geographical: North. wells. wet grounds.

Human: Middle-aged man. Middle son. sailor, thief, bandits

Relationship: full of danger and pitfalls. appears gentle but has great ability within. flaoting around.

Body parts: Ear, blood, kidney

Time: Winter. 11th mth

Non-living things: items containing water.

Animals: Pig, fish, sea creatures. Wolf

House: North facing. Near to water.

Food: Pork. wine. cold dish. soup. seafood. bony item eg. fish.

Home: Unrest. prevent robbery

Marriage: good for middle-aged man, middle son. Not good in Chen, Xu, Chou & Wei Mths.

Birth: Difficult labour. good for second child. male. Not good in Chen, Xu, Chou & Wei Mths.

Fame: Difficult. disaster. Trades in relation to Fish, salt, river and by boat. wine and vinegar

Wealth: prevent loss and robbery. suitable for wealth deriving from water. Trades in relation to Fish, salt, wine and vinegar.

Transaction: Not good. guard against traps. good for water related transactions.

Strategy: Not good. Good to divine in Autumn.

Travel: Not good for travel too far away. Good for travel by water. But guard against theft and robbery.

Meeting: Difficult to meet. but can meet people with Chinese surname with water related words in the character.

Illness: Ear problem. Heart problem, Kidney illness. blood related illnesses

Legal: Danger. Likely to fail

Burial: Facing North. Near to water.

Name: Chinese surname with water related characters

Number: 1, 6

Direction: North

Taste: salty, sour

Colour: Black

(Li Gua)
_ _

Weather: Sun, Lightning

Geographical: South. Hot and dry place.

Human: Middle aged woman. Middle daughter.

Relationship: Cultural. Intelligent and learned. good-looking

Body Parts: Eyes. Heart.

Time: Summer 5th mth.

Non-living things: Fire, books. dry items.

Animals: Tortoise. Crab. Frog

House: South facing. Bright house.

Home: Stable and quiet. divine in winter not good. fire hazard.

Food: Fried, dry and heaty food

Marriage: Not good. But good for middle aged woman or middle daughter. divine in summer good, divine in winter not good.

Birth: Good. middle daughter. divine in winter will have loss.

Fame: Successful. Office work. Job relating to fire

WewalthL seek for wealth in the South. Literary wealth. divine in winter not good

Transaction: Good. transactions relating to books and knowledge

Travel: Good. towards South. travel for the purpose of books, document and study. divine in winter not good. not suitable for travel by boat.

Meeting: Autumn meeting with scholarly persons.

Legal: justify the case with good explanation.

Illness: Eye problem. Heart problem. chest problem

Burial: Facing South. divine during summer will have scholarly descendants.

Name: Chinese surname with scholar-related characters

Number: 3, 2, 7

Direction: South

Colour: Red, Purple

Taste: Bitter

(Gen Gua)
_ _
_ _

Weather: Cloud, Haze

Geographical: Mountains, Northeast direction

Human: Young man. Youngest Son. people with no worries or nothing much to do.

Relationship: Quiet. Undecisive.

Body Parts: Fingers, Bones, Nose. Back

Time: Between Winter and Spring.

Non-living things: Stones. yellow items. earthly items.

Animals: Tiger, dog. rat.

House: Stable. disruptions to everything. family members not peaceful. divine during spring not good.

Home: Northeast direction. in the mountains

Food: food found on the land. all animals. tuber.

Marriage: Unsuccessful. delayed. good for young man marriage.

Fame: Difficult. jobs relating to the ground or mountains

Birth: Difficult labour.

Transaction: Difficult to succeed. Transactions relating to mountains and land.

Travel: Not good for travel too far away. travel to nearby by land.

Meeting: Not good. blockages.

Illness: Illnesses relating to fingers.

Legal: blockage. difficult to resolve.

Burial: Northeast facing. within the mountains

Number: 5, 7, 10

Direction: Northeast

Colour: Yellow

Taste: Sweet

(Dui Gua)
_ _

Weather: Rain

Geographical: pool, pond. west facing

Human: Young woman. Youngest daughter. mistress. prostitute. witch. maid

Relationship: Happy. Gossips.

Body Parts: Tongue. Throat. Lungs.

Time: Autumn 8th mth

Non-living things: Metal objects.

Animals: Creatures living in the pond.

House: West facing. near to pond.

Home: Unrest. beware of gossips. divine in autumn good. but not in summer.

Food: Mutton. Spicy and sour food.

Marriage: Unsuccessful. divine in autumn good. suitable for young woman.

Birth: Not good. may lost baby or give birth to a girl.

Fame: Not good. may have loss becuase of fame.

Wealth: no gain but with loss. wealth relating to mouth. divine during autumn good but not summer.

Travel: Not good to travel too far away or will have loss.

Transaction: Difficult to be profitable. beware of gossips. competition.

Meeting: may meet with curse

Illness: illnesses relating to tongue, mouth, astmas.

Burial: Facing West. near to pond

Legal: debatable. loss arising from legal suit. guard against penalty.

Name: Chinese surname with mouth or gold characters

Number: 4, 2, 9

Direction: West

Colour: White

Taste: Hot and spicy


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